Guess who’s back!

Well. Blogging may not have been the success I had hoped, but never mind, back on that horse (or pony – ha). For those of you who haven’t been up to date via Pony’s Facebook page, here is a quick wrap-up of what’s been going on over the last 18 months or so*:

– I designed Midnight Pony’s logo and labels
– I opened an Etsy shop! And actually sold something, to somebody I don’t know
– A market stall happened. Not super successful, but a good experience nonetheless (Optimistic Pony)
– I sold lots of cushions and baby burp cloths to friends, colleagues, and friends of friends. Products have ended up as far away as Norway. Spreading the fabric love!
– Oh, I finished my PhD…
– And am now on a mid-life-crisis-type World Tour. More on that soon!


So not bad from my original list of goals, written back on my 28th birthday (I’ll be 30 soon, eek!). Regular blogging was also on this list, which I aim to be better at now that the idea of sitting at the computer and typing doesn’t fill me with dread (that thesis took a while to get over. I’m possibly not quite over it yet. Shudder).

Another goal I had was to design and print my own fabrics. I have taken steps towards this, including learning to use Adobe Illustrator, and printing test swatches using Spoonflower. I’m still nowhere near where I would like to be, but very much enjoying the learning process!

Midnight Pony

All in all, I’ve had a great start to this journey with Midnight Pony. Sure, sometimes she’s a pain in the ass (and spends too much money), but we’ve spent many a glorious weekend sewing up a storm and it’s been a great excuse to buy fabric (there is nothing better than fabric in the mail – opening up the package to see all those gorgeous colours!).

Time for a fresh set of goals:

– Regularly blog! (no seriously. I’m going to try harder this time)
– Design a prettier blog (or buy a theme…whatever…)
– Draw often, and develop motifs and ideas for fabrics
– Read other sewing blogs, and be more active in the online community
– Keep Calm and Dream About Making Things (the downside of the World Tour – I couldn’t bring my sewing machine)

I think I’ll keep the list short this time ;).


Pony xxxx

*No Pony is an island, and I have been oh-so-fortunate to have wonderful people in my life encouraging me along the way. From friends helping at market to flatmates putting up with fabric EVERYWHERE, and everyone in between, you know who you are – thank you!

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Step 1: Know your target

The first (and surely most important) stage in world domination is to know what you are up against.

Hence, a world-tour of all things fabric must be undertaken.  Pronto.

Destinations must be determined.  Focus must be the priority.  There’s a lot of fabric out there, ripe for the picking.  We’d best get going…



The first stop on any global fabric tour must surely be India.  The colours are amazing, bright, luxurious…It’s up there on my must-go-to list*.  Plus, I love curry.  Bonus!



Central and South America have the most eye-poppingly-bright fabrics on this little rock we call home.  These beauties are from Argentina.  Did someone say poncho?



Slightly more subdued tones here, but closer to my heart, Harris Tweed (from the land of the Mother Pony).  Scratchy, yes, but guaranteed to block an icy gale.  Makes great hats.  Also available in pink.



Japan has the cutest fabrics, bar none.  Tiny rabbits, flowers, small animals on bicycles and mooses-a-plenty, what more could a girl ask for!  I would love to get my hooves on a good stash and create awesomeness for people-I-know-with-babies.



Whilst a challenge for those who do not like to haggle (i.e. me), South-East Asia has some amazing silks (at very good price).  I recently tried my hand at fabric shopping in Vietnam, in a town with few Westerners where I was stared at.  A lot. The main challenge however was my lack of Vietnamese – a handy local friend on the other end of the phone made my few purchases possible, thanks Hiep!  Must learn more languages…



Aaaah, Europe.  Where everyone speaks English (if grudgingly at times).  Great Scandinavian pattern design, luxurious Italian wool, crisp French linens and intricate lace…or just an excuse to holiday in the Mediterranean? Either way…



Africa!  Fabulous colours and beautiful batik** patterns, plus lions.  In batik.  (Visualise it.  They’d look great!)


I think that’s all continents covered…apart from the one where the penguins hang out.  I think the seal-skin trade ended a few years ago (I hope it did!). 


I wonder what other fabrics exist out there in the great wide universe.  Wouldn’t that be a trip to remember!  Although I don’t recall seeing pictures of aliens wearing clothes…but maybe they love a good quilt as much as the rest of us.


*take an empty suitcase

** batik:

Midnight Pony Has Landed


I am here.  To take over the world, one item of soft furnishing at a time.  With stealth, grace and equine mystique.  And a bag of oats.

Today is important to me, as I enter my 29th year of life on this planet.  It’s the start of the year of fabric domination, I will leave no couch unturned in my efforts to beautify lounge rooms across the globe. Or in Melbourne at least, for a start.

So why pony…I’m no enthusiast, I wasn’t one of those children who constantly begged her parents for one, I never really got the whole girl-pony craze (or Take That.  I thought it was a TV show).  I’ve never even ridden a pony…well once at a school fair, if you could call it riding. I almost dislocated a hip trying to dismount, at the frail age of 11.  Flexibility is not my forte.

I would say that I identify with the pony.  Slightly stumpy, will never be a horse, stubborn.  Bite when annoyed.  Like to flick my mane.  

And midnight….weeeell to be honest I just thought it sounded cool.  But, upon further analysis, I kind of like the idea of a mythical creature that comes in the night to deliver piles of fabric goodness.  Yum!  Sounds better than santa.  

So what’s the plan…during the next year I hope to achieve the following:

Develop the Midnight Pony brand and product range
Sell products online
Have a stall at a market
Design (and print) my own range of fabrics
Regularly blog
Generally use all of the above as an excuse to roll around in piles of deliciousness (fabric) at any opportunity, and in the process make pretty things that other people enjoy as much as I do

Oh…and finish my PhD.  Ain’t no thang.

Pony out xxx