Midnight Pony Has Landed


I am here.  To take over the world, one item of soft furnishing at a time.  With stealth, grace and equine mystique.  And a bag of oats.

Today is important to me, as I enter my 29th year of life on this planet.  It’s the start of the year of fabric domination, I will leave no couch unturned in my efforts to beautify lounge rooms across the globe. Or in Melbourne at least, for a start.

So why pony…I’m no enthusiast, I wasn’t one of those children who constantly begged her parents for one, I never really got the whole girl-pony craze (or Take That.  I thought it was a TV show).  I’ve never even ridden a pony…well once at a school fair, if you could call it riding. I almost dislocated a hip trying to dismount, at the frail age of 11.  Flexibility is not my forte.

I would say that I identify with the pony.  Slightly stumpy, will never be a horse, stubborn.  Bite when annoyed.  Like to flick my mane.  

And midnight….weeeell to be honest I just thought it sounded cool.  But, upon further analysis, I kind of like the idea of a mythical creature that comes in the night to deliver piles of fabric goodness.  Yum!  Sounds better than santa.  

So what’s the plan…during the next year I hope to achieve the following:

Develop the Midnight Pony brand and product range
Sell products online
Have a stall at a market
Design (and print) my own range of fabrics
Regularly blog
Generally use all of the above as an excuse to roll around in piles of deliciousness (fabric) at any opportunity, and in the process make pretty things that other people enjoy as much as I do

Oh…and finish my PhD.  Ain’t no thang.

Pony out xxx